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If you want your car to treat you well it is important that you give it the proper care and attention.  Having various elements of your car inspected on a regular basis can keep bigger problems from developing.  When we do a routine oil change we do an auto inspection of the major systems that comprise your automobile.  Some of the more common car problems are listed in greater detail below.



Modern cars don't need the same amout of tune ups that older cars used to. However, it is important to have your plugs inspected every so often.  Having dirty spark plugs can make your car much more inefficient, when it comes to performance. We offer comprehensive tune ups for most models of cars. 


Your brakes should also be inspected on a semi-annual basis.  When your pads begin to wear down changing them can save wear and tear and possible replacement of your rotors.  We specialize in brakes and their timely repair.


Regular auto repairs and servicing of your vechicle is very important when it comes to keeping you car running in tip top shape.  We offer a plan that allows you to come in on a bi-monthly basis to have your cars various systems checked and maintained.  This will save you much inconvenience as your car gets older.

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